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Careers in Customer Service, Administration, Finance, Operations, IT, Software Development, Marketing, Recruitment & HR


Our Head Office in Central Milton Keynes looks normal enough, but step inside and you’ll discover it’s buzzing with activity. It’s here we have teams problem solving for our customers, shaping new strategies, dreaming up new marketing campaigns, crunching the numbers and keeping us all logged on. It’s also where we house our central support functions: Customer Service, Sales Support, HR, Recruitment, Marketing, IT and Finance.

We’re doing things in our industry that no one else is doing and when you’re growing as fast as we are, you need the best talent to meet the requirements of the business. 

RMS Head Office welcomes anyone who loves what they do and lives to make a difference. There’s a huge range of specialist areas, offering opportunities to hone your expertise with realistic opportunities to progress in a large organisation.

We’re the people who support every aspect of Retail Merchant Services and whatever your role is, you will always be working towards making us better at what we do, so we can keep doing an amazing job for our
45,000 customers.


  • People looking to progress their career
  • Anyone who loves what they do and wants to make a difference
  • Open minded and willing to learn

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