How does credit card processing work?

At RMS we try and cut the jargon, making sure the benefits of accepting card payments are clear to all of our customers. Here are some commonly asked questions.

Q. Secure payment processing: How secure is it to accept credit and debit cards?

Chip & pin technology has brought about a massive reduction in credit card fraud. The overall confidence in card payments by consumers is clear: more people pay by card than by cash.

Q. What is PCI Compliance, how does it affect retailers and businesses?

The payment card industry data security standard affects every business that accepts card payments.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council sets a minimum standard of data security to be used when processing credit cards and debit cards. If you accept credit cards and debit cards your system must meet the minimum security standard as laid down by the council. Failure to meet the minimum required standard could result in termination of credit card processing facilities.

Don't worry! Retail Merchant Services has led the way for the independent credit card processing industry on the issue of PCI Compliance. Together, with our partners at Elavon, we have formulated a brief questionnaire that will help you and us assess your level of PCI Compliance. We will supply all of the information and help that you need to become PCI Compliant and our specialist payment experts can help you meet and exceed the required security standard.

You can be sure that any Retail Merchant Services credit card machine or terminal software complies fully with the minimum security and encryption standards set out.

Q. Will I have to complete lots of paperwork?

No. At Retail Merchant Services we believe in offering world-class customer service. We complete as much of the necessary paperwork for you, leaving you free to consider the cost-cutting quote you received from us.

Just like any other financial package or account there is some information that we simply have to know but our payment experts will ask all the relevant questions and complete as much of the paperwork as possible, leaving you to just read it and when you're happy with everything, to sign it and we will get the ball rolling.

Q. Can my new merchant services provider cancel my old provider for me?

No! If you have a contract with a provider for any service you, as a party to that contract, you must terminate that contract on your own behalf. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous merchant service providers who promise to cancel and 'take care of' a new customers existing facilities and either fail to deal with the matter at all or are unable to do so for contractual reasons.

If you are switching providers, make sure that you are the one that cancels your existing facilities.

Q. Can I really get a low cost credit card processing service?

Yes, you can with Retail Merchant Services. We believe that accepting credit cards and debit cards doesn't have to be expensive, that is why in 2007 our likeminded payment entrepreneurs came together to form Retail Merchant Services. We're looking out for the small and medium enterprise sector and that means your business. Using our combined buying power of over 27,000 happy customers we can really bring you the lowest credit card processing rates available in the UK

Q. All of my transactions are failing – what can I do?

Check that your internet connection and phone line are working. Power the unit down and restart. If the error persists please call the helpline on 0845 241 9960

Q. What is the battery life of the PED device?

Depending on use 8-12 hours

Q. How long does it take for an application to be approved?

As soon as you sign the application form and agreement we can begin to process your application. Your application will be sent and be processed at our UK processing centre – where our payment experts can start administering your new account.

Retail Merchant Services, like all other financial institutions, are obliged to carry out some basic checks to meet data protection and money laundering regulations. Our partner, Elavon, will also carry out a brief assessment of your business based on the information provided in your application form.

We work really quickly to open your new account as soon as possible and once our checks are completed send you confirmation of your new account details as well as your new credit card processing machine.

Q. My business has a default or a CCJ, can I still apply?

Yes you can. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to open an account for you, but we still consider every application on an individual basis, based on the information contained within your application as well as information held by third parties, such as credit reference agencies. This information will be cross-matched against the credit and risk policy of our payment processing partner, Elavon, to make a final decision on your application.

If you or your business do have some bad credit, it might be helpful to submit a copy of your profit and loss accounts to us with your application so that we can fully assess your current situation and take this into account.

You can speak, in confidence, to one of our payment experts to discuss your own individual circumstances. Just give us a call on 0845 643 6397 or send us a message.

Q. Do I have to buy an expensive credit card terminal?

No. We have saved you the cost of purchasing a credit card terminal by supplying the selected credit card machine of your choice, all within the monthly price of your service. Just choose from our wide range of standard retail counter-top terminals, portable credit card machines and even mobile credit card terminals, allowing you to accept credit cards wherever you are in the UK.

Q. Tamper error message or RAM CHECK SUM ERROR

Terminal has gone into a security mode and needs to be replaced. Please call helpline on 0845 241 9960

Q. Can this device be used by multiple users / shared device possible?

This is not possible as the device is linked directly to your funding account

Q. How can I process a transaction when the Card Holder is ‘Not Present’?

Select sale from the main menu and follow on screen instructions while keying in card details

Q. Can I switch from my current provider to Retail Merchant Services?

Yes! We are happy to accept any new customer and if you already have experience of accepting credit and debit cards then we have an excellent deal waiting for you.

As soon as you contact us you will discover that first and foremost, we are passionate about delivering world-class customer service and together with our low cost credit card processing package and additional benefits, you will find switching to Retail Merchant Services an irresistible opportunity.

Call us on 0845 643 6397 and speak in confidence to one of our payment experts about your current situation. Everything can be handled over the telephone or if you prefer, an appointment with one of our local representatives.

Q. Will you be able to beat my existing card processing price?

As one of the lowest cost credit card processing organisations in the UK we are confident that we can beat most other merchant service providers on cost. Give our team a call on 0845 643 6397 with the details of your quotation or existing package and we will do our best to match or beat the figure you have. Our price match promise guarantees that we will look at any other competitors' quotation for you and do our best to save you even more.

Don't forget that as a customer of Retail Merchant Services we can also save you more on the cost of your business bank account, telephone line and calls, business insurance and thermal paper rolls. And, with an inclusive 24/7 legal helpline and complimentary tax and VAT investigation insurance – you'll really be getting much more than you bargained for with Retail Merchant Services.

What now? Give us a call 0845 643 6397

Q. What if a Referral message is displayed? (call for auth)

You will need to call 0845 850 0197 to be given an auth code from elavon. Once you have this written down along with the card detail,  it will need to be forced onto your terminal. To do this select force from the main menu. 

Q. If I get a new sim or a new handset, what do I do?

Please contact our set up team and they will guide you through the set up process. If it is a replacement machine please call the helpline on 0845 241 9960 and speak to technical. 

Q. How do I know if the transaction was successful?

If the transaction was succseful you will have an auth number on the recipet that printed out. if you do not have this you can check any transactions by call elavon on 0845 850 0195

Q. Terminal has connection error

Check internet or phoneline is working. Power the unit down and restart. If the error persists please call the helpline on 0845 241 9960

Q. No Bluetooth connection

Please remove the battery from the terminal and restart. This should give you a blue light on your charging stand or verifone Bluetooth box. If no blue light please call helpdesk on 0845 241 9960

Q. How do I complete my End of Day Banking Procedure / Settlement?

You can complete the end of day by selecting Batch from the main menu, then selecting end of day, using the password 1234 enter. Once you have confirmed the totals please select yes.

Q. Batch Failed – RB out of balance/Invalid card/Connection error

You will need to call the helpline on 0845 241 9960 to have your batch sent to Elavon. 

Q. Terminal displays invalid profile

Please call the helpline on 0845 241 9960 as there is a issue with the merchant service

Q. Terminal is displaying card read error / chip error

Please restart the terminal, if problem persists please call helpline on 0845 241 9960

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